Cultural Leaders Talks: with Harry and Juliana Snowboy

Native Women in the Arts is pleased to be presenting the Elders who form the Strong Earth Alliance, Harry and Juliana Snowboy. Please join us for teachings on Puberty Rites and Prophecies. This event is open and free to all community members.

Puberty Rites: This ceremony is one of the most important after the birth feast, where the childhood stage is let go by the youth and the transition into adulthood is made. This ceremony, brings the young person into the spirit world of grandmother earth.

Prophecies: There are Earth changes happening but there are also changes coming to human kind. A reawakening, “a higher level of frequencies” as explained by Harry Snowboy. There are visions and instructions he received as a young man that are now coming into being.

Friday April 8, 2016 from 6:30-8:30 pm
Location: Centre For Social Innovation – Spadina
Room: Innovation Lab – 4th Floor
215 Spadina Avenue
Toronto Ontario
M5T 2C7

Juliana Matoush-Snowboy (James Bay Cree): Juliana holds a B.A. in Psychology from Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario. She is trained in suicide intervention (ASSIST, 2002), spent six years as the Social and Health Planning and Programming Officer for CBHSSJB in Chisasibi, Quebec, and worked as an interviewer for Health Canada in Eeyou Astchee. She works closely with her husband, Harry Snowboy, in running various traditional and healing gatherings both in Cree and urban communities, as well as offering drug and alcohol awareness seminars. She also facilitates training and coaching for women’s sweat lodge ceremonials. (Languages – English, French, Cree.)

Harry Snowboy (James Bay Cree): Harry is an author, public speaker, cultural advisor, and a traditional healer to numerous Native communities. A former Director of an Aboriginal Police Force, Harry provides information sessions and guidance on leadership, team-work, and lateral violence in the workplace, as well as reviewing and assessing projects involving programs focused on community well-being. His extensive experience in crisis response has provided him with insight on managing both short and long-term crises. He has also provided guidance to organizations seeking to incorporate holistic approaches on problematic issues facing many Native communities. These discussions are geared towards fostering understanding and bridging the gap between traditional and non-Indigenous belief systems (Languages – English, Cree).

The Strong Earth Alliance (SAE) is an organization that offers support to the needs of the First Nations communities regarding their culture, traditions, spirituality, and holistic health. It combines traditional and in at risk situations, trauma crises approaches, management, and holistic treatment programs. This support is provided in a structured, safe, nurturing, and supportive environment that promotes general well-being and where community members reconnect with their cultural identity and feel empowered. SAE encourages diversity and an environment that is respectful and inclusive to all genders, races, religions, and spiritual beliefs.

Photo provided by Strong Earth Alliance.

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