Vision and Mandate

The reclamation and advancement of Indigenous cultural and artistic expression by Indigenous women and other Indigenous gender marginalized folks*, within the diverse artistic landscape of the country now known as Canada.

Native Women in the Arts (NWIA) is one of the  leading arts organizations in Canada for Indigenous women and other gender marginalized Indigenous artists working at the intersection of customary and contemporary practices.

NWIA supports multi-disciplinary artistic expression by connecting, training and presenting emerging, mid-career and established artists whose work reflects a commitment to art, culture, community, and the advancement of Indigenous people.

NWIA serves as a site of artistic exchange, encouraging dialogue between artists and audiences about social, cultural and political issues and their relationship to artistic expression.

Our programming connects to a diverse participant and audience base, predominantly in Toronto and Northern Ontario.

*NWIA respects trans women as women. We use the term gender marginalized to be inclusive of transfeminine folks who may not identify as women, trans men and transmasculine folks, Two Spirit, non-binary and gender queer folks.