Native Women in the Arts presents Thirst Nation: Dusk, at the TD Music Hall, Saturday, March 30, 2024, with performances from Tygr Willy, Mx. Caligula, Thrasher, Indigibabes – Madame Ode’Miin Surprise, Salty Bae, Nenoo Freebird, and Bitchtina Columbitch, Janis Jameson, fox L’amour, Daisy Badcock, and DJ Gussyee. 

Thirst Nation is a queer artistic event series that prioritizes and elevates queer Indigenous folks who are Trans, 2 Spirit or IndigiQueer from across Turtle Island and neighboring nations to the south. The series has functioned as a cabaret, talk-show, and now an immersive artistic party centered on joy, celebration, sexuality and queer expression. 

After the success of their first event ‘Thirst Nation: Chill’ at the Rhubarb Festival hosted by Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Native Women in the Arts is proud to present ‘Thirst Nation: Dusk’ on Saturday, March 30, 2024, from 8PM – 12AM at the TD Music Hall, 178 Victoria St, Toronto.

Featuring up and coming DJ Gussyee, with performing artists Indigibabes Burlesque – Bitchtina ColumbitchSalty Bay, and Nenoo Freebird. Local starlets Janis Jamesonfox L’amourDaisy Badcock, and Thrasher. With Ottawa’s Caligula and your hosts for the evening; ‘Canada’s Them Fatale’ Tygr Willy and ‘Mother of the House of Indigibabe’s Burlesque’ Madam Ode’miin Surprise.

Step into the seductive thrivance of Thirst Nation: Dusk, a tantalizing soirée set to ignite the TD Music Hall with an evening of Indigi-queer euphoria. Surrender to a symphony of sensuality and explore the depths of desire amidst a tapestry of leather, wetness, blue hues, fiery oranges, and the enchantment of sunset. Join us as we revel in the allure of our theme, where artists and guests alike are urged to immerse themselves fully.

Tickets Are on Sale Now!  

General Admission – $30, Indigenous Discount Code: DUSK24 


Don’t worry babes, Tygr Willy burnt down Neverland and saved all those thotty Faeries. Tygr Willy is Canada’s Them Fatale sure to leave you tongue tied. They’re part of the illustrious K-POP Drag Girl group ‘the Rice Queens’, and the group has toured to Ottawa Capital Pride and Calgary Pride this past summer 2023. They’re notorious for producing such events as; Thirst Nation, Our Flag Means Queer, Passion Fruit, Colour Me Now, and Drop Deadly Gorgeous: the Pageant.  All events prioritizing the Drag, Burlesque, Club Kid nightlife scene focusing on gender expansive and racialized artists.


GUSSYEE is an Indigenous DJ, producer and artist residing in Tkaronto whose work is a multidisciplinary queer approach to challenging coloniality and environmental destruction while emphasizing the sovereignty of two-spirit bodies. Expressing individuality across cultural practices is an important part of the artistic process for GUSSYEE, subversion, strife and confrontational imagery expressed through indigenous beliefs creates dialogue between the artist and their approach to conceiving art.

GUSSYEE is an up-and-coming force in queer nightlife, recently becoming a resident DJ at Houndstooth Bar with their BYOV event. Furthering their practice, GUSSYEE is premiering INFERNO – a demonic inspired queer rave that is specifically curated for trans and 2spirit identifying individuals on March 21st at Drom Taberna.


The creator of IndigiBabes Burlesque. Madame Ode’Miin Surprise is the mother of Babes, an auntie, artist, and educator. Madame is truly like a craving for strawberries on a warm summer evening, mouthwatering and sweet with a little tartness that will always leave you wanting more!


Member of IndigiBabes Burlesque, Salty Baby hails from the rocky shores of the Bay of Islands, Newfoundland. They bring the salty Atlantic Ocean with a side of sass! Be prepared to get wet!


Caligula (they/she) is a 23yo métis drag artist based in Ottawa. A student of the game for over 3 years now, Caligula’s drag is all about blending the smart and the stupid together in a high energy, choreo-filled, and out of the box package.

When not hosting their monthly show, Caligula’s Cabinet of Curiosities, you can find Caligula working on wild mixes, designing visuals for their numbers or scurrying around your local thrift store like the gremlin they truly are. 

As a former Mx Capital Pride winner, Caligula’s goal is to highlight the diverse beauty of non binary drag.


Thrasher is a distressingly stunning mixed Indigenous and European, Queer, classically trained dancer and aerialist. In her almost 15-year burlesque career, she has performed on national and international stages, including Vienna and Montreal, as a solo performer, and she is ½ of the Dynamite Duo TnT. She regularly appears in Toronto at Live at The Funktion, produced by Sweet Rosie Mae. She has also performed with Bootleggers Burlesque, Legacy Cabaret, Les Femme Fatal Women of Colour Burlesque and many more! She has appeared in TV commercials and the feature film Becoming Burlesque, directed by Jackie English. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of her as she commands the stage.

Thirst Nation

Thirst Nation is an Indigenous Queer and 2-Spirit cultural impact that bridges the artistic communities with shared or allied sexuality, gender expansion and creative expression. First created as a late-night talk and cabaret formatted show during the 2020 lockdowns, the show was created by Anishinaabe/Chinese/White mixed raced artist Tyler J Sloane under the name “Thirsty 2 Spirit Tuesdays” through the Glad Day Lit and Twitch Platform. Due to the viewership of the show and the ability to bridge folks from across Turtle Island and the Tri-Nations, the show rebranded to Thirst Nation with Weird Alice assisting administratively . The design and format created by Tygr Willy, the duo brought on Performance Artists in the forms of; Burlesque, Clown, Clown, Drag, and Stand-up. The show held a beacon for bringing positivity and uplifting audience members of Indigenous background and allied communities. The show continued from 2020 to 2021 where it culminated in its online format during the 2021 Pride Toronto Hybrid Festival.

This new era of Thirst Nation now launches into an in-person gathering of artistry, expression, and pride. Tygr Willy brings a new team: multidisciplinary Filipinx Canadian artist Alexi Pedneault/Kuya Atay with initial consultation by T’ànchày Redverse/Midnight Wolverine – a multidisciplinary performer, writer, and Draglesque artist, Riley Kucheran – a fashion designer and reIndigenizing scholar who recently helmed the successful ‘Unceded Dancefloors’.

Kwe Performance Series

Thirst Nation: Dusk is presented as part of the Kwe Performance Series which showcases Indigenous women and other gender marginalized Indigenous artists from diverse nations, and communities, leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation for Indigenous arts, culture, and community. 

The Kwe Performance Series events include performances and workshops for the community in Toronto as well as outreach to on-reserve and under-serviced communities in Ontario.

Native Women in the Arts (NWIA)

Established in 1993, Native Women in the Arts (NWIA) is a not-for-profit organization for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis women and other Indigenous gender marginalized folks from diverse artistic disciplines who share a common interest in culture, art, community and the advancement of Indigenous Peoples. 

NWIA Presents unique artistic programming while developing, supporting, and cultivating practices in the performing arts, literary arts and publishing, visual arts, customary arts, and community development projects. NWIA’s influence has been felt in communities across Canada. We nourish and transform our communities by pursuing the highest standards of artistic excellence, and by offering development opportunities to emerging artists. 

Accessibility Information

  • TD Music Hall is wheelchair-accessible
  • Private, barrier free washrooms are available at TD Music Hall.
  • There is no parking at TD Music Hall, however accessible parking is available in adjacent buildings.
  • TD Music Hall offers special (priority) access. Advance booking of this service is not required. However advance booking may be done by emailing:
  • A limited number of courtesy wheelchairs are also available at TD Music Hall. Advance booking of this service is not required. However advance booking may be done by emailing:
  • Support persons who are accompanying guests with special needs are welcome at TD Music Hall. All guests, including support persons, must have a purchased ticket to attend a performance or event.
  • Service and support animals are welcome at TD Music Hall. Service animals should have either a visible indicator, or an identification card or letter from a healthcare practitioner confirming that the customer requires the animal for reasons relating to a disability. You may contact the box office at: to ensure suitable seating is reserved.
  • Patrons are discouraged from wearing scented products however we cannot guarantee a scent-free environment.
  • Certified First Aid, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Automated External Defibrillator (AED) service providers are on duty for every event. Please contact any usher if these services are required.

    Tygr Willy Photography by: Kikki Guerard

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